Stock donation

The basic process of donating stock is fairly straightforward.

  1. Determine how the donation will affect your taxes. In general, it is better to donate stock that has appreciated in value rather than stock that has lost value.
  2. Contact NAWC's Treasurer, (see "Contact Us") to schedule your donation
  3. Our Treasurer will provide you with NAWC's DTC #, Account # and our brokerage firm.
  4. Contact your brokerage account and provide them with the transfer information you obtained from the charitable organization. Tell the broker how much of the stock you wish to donate and the date you want it transferred on.
  5. Print out a copy of the stock transfer transaction and place it in your files for tax purposes. In addition, ask the charity to provide you with a receipt as soon as it receives the funds. Go to our "CONTACT US" page and give us the details of your transfer, this will help us identify you as the transferor.

Tips & Warnings

    • Although you can donate any stock, you will only receive the tax benefits on stock that you have owned for longer than one year.

    • Many larger charities have their stock donation procedures on their websites.

    • You can donate mutual funds as well as stock to charities.

    • If you have a stock certificate for individual stocks, sign your full name on the back of it and hand-deliver it to the donation coordinator of the charity.

    • ALWAYS talk to a tax professional before making a stock gift to a charity.

Read more about donating stock.

If you have any questions use our Contact Us page and direct your request to the Finance Committee.

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