Newark Area Welfare Committee donates $2000 to City of Newark Parks & Recreation Department for Scholarship Program   

The Newark Area Welfare Committee (NAWC) recently approved a donation to the City of Newark Parks and Recreation Department in the amount of $2,000 to assist in supporting the Fee Assistance program. The program is available on a limited basis for qualifying individuals, both youth and adults, and is primarily funded through the Federal Community Development Block Grant. Last year, 20 families applied and received assistance. 

"The City of Newark is committed to providing recreational opportunities to everyone regardless of their economic circumstances," said city manager Carol Houck. "We are grateful for the support of community organizations like the Newark Area Welfare Committee to ensure we fulfill that commitment." 

In addition to the Fee Assistance program, the City also administers the James Hall Scholarship program. Named after long-time Parks and Recreation Department director James F. Hall, the fund provides tuition assistance to youth who would otherwise be unable to participate in camps and programs. Last year, 14 families qualified to receive tuition assistance. 

Families who wish to apply for either the James Hall Scholarship program or the Fee Assistance program should contact the Parks and Recreation Department. Eligibility is based on the desired program and the applicant's household income, and all inquiries and application materials are kept strictly confidential. Families who qualify are eligible to receive 20%, 50% or 70% of assistance towards the total program or camp fee.  

NAWC Essay Contest: "Newark fourth-graders describe what it means to be a good neighbor" (October 2016)

For Henry Michel, being a good neighbor means helping and sharing with others.

“For example, let’s say you have some clothes that you grew out of. You look online and see there is a kid in need of clothes,” the Newark Charter School fourth-grader wrote in a recent essay contest. “It wouldn’t be right if you kept your clothes even though you didn’t need them. If you were a good community member, you would give your clothes to someone that actually could use them.”


Newark Morning Rotary Club donates to NAWC (March 2016)

In cooperation with Newark Country Club and the Newark Area Welfare Committee, the Newark Morning Rotary Club organized the first annual Rock and Roll 5K run in the fall donated $6300 to the NAWC! Accepting the check from Rotary Club President Paul Keely were Lyn Henshaw - Director Fundraising, Joe Brady - Treasurer, Polly Sierer - President.