Annual Good Neighbor Award


2016 - Marilyn Minster of Minster's Jewelers - Mrs. Minster and Minster Jewelers has been an advocate of NAWC for several decades, particularly through her support of our Food Cupboard Program and Bean Soup sales.

2015 - Newark Charitable and Social Club. - This years recipient has supported NAWC for years through their annual auction.

2014 - Paul & Eileen Keely of King Medical Systems. - This recipient has been involved with NAWC for four years and their printing company graciously produces the organization’s promotional materials for free or at a discount.

2013 - Office Movers, Inc. - This recipient has donated 350-400 large moving boxes each December so that we may provide food to families in crisis in the Newark area.  They have been our partner for many, many years.  This enables us to give approx. 75 lbs. of food to each family.  The donation of these boxes is a very important part of our Holiday Food Program.

2012 - Doris and Jack Billingsley, and Joan Collins - We recognize these Newark neighbors for their generous and continued support of our programs as we continue to provide services to those in our neighborhoods who need our services.

2011 - Delaware Freezer - This recipient provides storage for our turkey donations during our Holiday Food Box collection program and has assisted NAWC for many years.

2010 - Head of Christiana Presbyterian Church - This recipient organizes our yearly Triple Crown Trail Race to benefit four local organizations that help those in need in our area, including NAWC, and raises generous funds that are donated to NAWC.

2009 - First Presbyterian Church of Newark - This recipient allowed us use of their Memorial Hall facility and church staff assistance for our Holiday Food Box project each December.

2008 - Newark United Methodist Church - This recipient provided us space for our food cupboard as well as for all of our meetings.

 Mrs. Marilyn Minster of Minster's Jewelers, recipient of the 2016 NAWC Good Neighbor Award.

Mrs. Marilyn Minster of Minster's Jewelers, recipient of the 2016 NAWC Good Neighbor Award.