Here are a few examples of how your support to NAWC has made it possible to make a difference in the lives of people in our community.

  • Sara, a single mother with two children living in Newark, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The treatment process left her unable to work full-time.  She was struggling to keep her apartment and fell behind in her rent.  Through your support, NAWC was able to help pay Sara's rent and give her the fresh start she needed.
  • A Newark father of two works full-time and overtime when possible so mom can stay home to care for their child with special needs.  They hit a bump in the road and received a shut off notice from the utility company. They were in desperation to find the means to keep their children from being without electricity when they received the notification that their utilities were paid by NAWC.  They wrote;  "we will NEVER forget your kindness, help and understanding".